Implementation of the Itacoatiara 138 / 13.8 kV Substation, including executive project, materials and equipment supply , civil works execution and electromechanical and electrical assembly, control and supervision protection system – SPCS, located in the city of Itacoatiara, in the state of Amazonas . Installation of 138 kV ring bus modules. Mounting two 138 / 13.8 kV – 40 MVA Transformers with 13.8 kV sector TR connection module. feeder modules execution, transfer modules and 13.8 kV bar measuring modules. Infrastructure execution and complete Capacitor Bank assembly, 3.6 MVAr. Auxiliary Services transformer module. Fire fighting patio system and command room complete installation. Substation’s external lighting system execution.

Construction of Control Room for Supervision and Control Panels shelter and Auxiliary Services System, Motor Group Generator shelter and Security Cabin Construction; Construction of the entire drainage system, cable ducts, urbanization, paving, foundations, earthworks and closure; Supply of materials and electromechanical assembly of all infrastructure necessary for implementation and energization of the Substation.



  • Foundations;
  • Courtyard drainage;
  • Slope drainage;
  • Channel construction;
  • Urbanization;
  • Paving;
  • Command house construction.


  • Equipment assembly;
  • Release of earth mesh;
  • Assembly and installation of panels;
  • Release of cables;
  • Commissioning support;
  • o    Physical tests.