Installation of input modules with switching infrastructure and bus at 34.5kV for interconnection of collecting networks to transformers; Installation of 2 (two) 34.5-230kV lifting modules for 34.5-230kV transformers and shunting connections of the transforming modules to 230kV outputs; The installation of two (2) maneuvering modules for power line outputs of the 230kV circuits in Pindaí; Construction of the Control Room for the Supervision and Control Panels Shelter and the Auxiliary Services System and Construction of the GMG Shelter Room; Construction of the entire drainage system, cable ducts, urbanization, paving, foundations, earthworks and closure; Supply of materials and electromechanical assembly of all infrastructure necessary for implementation and energization of the Substation.



  • Foundations;
  • Courtyard drainage;
  • Slope drainage;
  • Channel construction;
  • Urbanization;
  • Paving;
  • Command house construction.


  • Equipment assembly;
  • Release of earth mesh;
  • Assembly and installation of panels;
  • Release of cables;
  • Commissioning support;
  • Physical tests.