Electromechanical assembly, cable launching and interconnection services and assembly of synchronous compensators of SE Marmeleiro 525Kv Substation with Synchronous Compensator (220MVAr). The work, comprised of assembling all yard equipment for line entry and exit bays, launching and interconnecting all power cables and controlling yard equipment and control room panels, supporting commissioning required throughout venture.



  • 550 KV Circuit Breaker Assembly, 4000th;
  • Disconnect Switches Assembly 550 KV, 4000ª;
  • Current Transformer Mounting, Single Phase, 525 / √3 KV;
  • Reactor Mounting, Single Phase, 525 / √3-72.5 KV, 33.33 MVAr;
  • TPC 500 / √3 KV mounting;
  • Release of earth mesh;
  • Installation and assembly of panels;
  • Cable tossing;
  • Physical tests;
  • Commissioning.

Cable Launch

  • Launch / Interconnection of all power cables / yard equipment control;
  • Launch / Interconnection of all control room power and control cables;
  • Commissioning support.

Assembly Of Synchron Components

  • Mounting two synchronous compensators 220 MVAr;
  • Two 15 KV three-pole circuit breakers;
  • Two cooling towers, including interconnection piping assembly;
  • Two 15KV limiting reactors;
  • Two sets of hydraulic unit with heat exchanger;
  • A shielded bus assembly.