GI Energy Engenharia Ltda., Which provides services in the Construction and Assembly of Substations and High Voltage Transmission Lines operating in wind farms, hydroelectric and solar plants; Recognizing the importance of quality for its services and in line with market trends, environmental demands and sustainability, its commitment are:

  • Ensure its customers the provision of services that meets expectations and needs, aiming at their growing satisfaction and longevity in business relationships ;

  • Train and create working and motivating conditions for employees to perform as professionals and individuals in their duties performance;

  • Provide healthy and safe workplace environment to ensure physical integrity of employees and visitors;

  • Ensure effectiveness in organizational processes in order to maintain an integrated management between them;

  • Provide energy services with full respect for the environment, complying with environmental legislation and promoting actions not to pollute the environment and generating minimal environmental impact;

  • Maintain an ethical attitude towards business and the community, seeking a relationship of respect and coexistence, aiming mutual benefits for growth and improvement in life quality.

  • Integrated issues of quality, health and safety at work and environment with activities, practices and routines, as a way to add value to the company’s business through the integrated management system.

  • Ensure continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System, permanently meeting its requirements and other applicable requirements.